Festivals in Sicily


A calendar of events celebrated by this town, which is located in the province of Ragusa. Events include Carnevale, San Giuseppe, San Vincenzo Martire and Santa Lucia.

The Feast of Madonna del Mirto

On the second Sunday of May the town of Villafranca celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Myrtle.

La Festa di Sant'Agata a Catania

This feast for the Patron Saint of Catania is filled with tradition, folklore and devotion. For three days in February this city is transformed into a giant feast that is a must for anyone in the area to partake in.

La Festa Patronale

In the town of Pedara they celebrate this traditional religious feast, which honors Maria SS. Annunziata.

La Settimana Santa

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of this week long festival. This is an important event for the residents of Enna and a multitude of processions take place throughout the week.

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